COMPANY RELOCATION NOTICE- Respectful Customers, Partners and Friends, Lih Rong Electronic will be moving to Guishan Factory from November 23. We here appreciate everyone’s support and care over these years. Lih Rong will continue to provide advanced and professional services. rd

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Corporate Mission
Lih Rong


Our Added Value 


Lih Rong developed the unique business strategy –“Three First- Services of LR is First, Quality of LR is First, Efficiency of LR is First”. This philosophy encourages our employers to seek innovation, react promptly and pursue beyond excellence. LR can always put itself to customers’ shoes and provide the best solution, professional service, best quality and effective service to our customers. Abovementioned core value excites LR to concentrate on customers’ products and employ the strictest standard to inspect our products in order to live up with customers’ expectancy.



Papid And Flexibility


Lih Rong's main facility is equipped to handle volume manufacturing, although our flexibility allows us to efficiently produce at various levels. The facility is strategically laid out to enhance continuous flow operations as well as product mix variations. Lih Rong has experienced many ramp situations, and we know the importance of getting up to speed quickly. We have experience running 24 hour-a-day operations, and have retained the supervisory personnel so that we can quickly react to a high demand situation. LR promises to complete any project designated by customers.


"Not Only Does LR Serve As Common Supplier, But Also LR Is A Best Partner With The Optimized Strategy"


¡·Service the service of LR is First, We treat customer with 'attitude of service industry'.
¡·Efficiency the efficiency of LR is First. We achieve the customer's demand with 'Military Efficiency'.
¡·Quality¡G the quality of LR is First. We inspect all the detail to complete any product with the highest standard.



What We Serve?                    


Keep Inventories Low and Meet Demand Needs


LR will work with you to develop a flexible production schedule that matches your company's demand fluctuations. We can even supply just a portion of your demand to handle unexpected peaks and fluctuations, eliminating extra inventory and unnecessary air freight costs and giving you the protection of an additional source.


Develop Ideas and Concepts into Profitable Products


Our engineering staff has extensive R&D experience to develop concepts into products and will assist you at every step of the process. We will partner with you to develop your ideas into profitable solutions to meet your needs. We also fully understand your strict standard in your vision and will accommodate a total service.


Handle Emergency Inquiry


Emergencies can arise for many reasons, but whatever your situation may be, we are ready to meet your needs for design, development, product and service quickly and reliably. Also we are able to reach your delivery when we accept your inquiry.


Stay on the Leading Edge of Technology


LR engineers and experts continually investigate the latest technological advances - including our advantages and applications - and partner with our clients to provide innovative, leading-edge solutions and products. We always think before our client and want to be their power supporter in anytime.




We provide a great product at a fair price and do so in an ethical and transparent manner. Understanding that there are many providers in our space we strive to provide a customer experience that is unique and satisfying.




We have well defined processes and preferred methods for executing a technical program. However you are the customer and we customize each program to meet the unique and specific requirements of the customer.


Lasting Relationships


We look for and foster longer term relationships. We invest in our customer relationships and allocate resources to maintain them.


Open communication and Pricing


We believe in frequent and open communications. We share all cost drivers and work as a team with our customers to deliver the best value.


Quality and Reliability


We strive to provide the highest level of service in a form that promotes long term reliability.



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