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Business Model
Lih Rong



Core Value
PCB SMT Assembly
PCB DIP Assembly
PACKAGE Assembly
Material Source
Plastic Injection/Molding
Turnkey Assembly
Consignment Assembly or (Mixed Model)
BGA Rework/Reball
Material Management
Supply Chain Management
Fullfillmant Service
New Product Introduction
Document Management





In conjunction with the global resources of Lih Rong, EMS provides such basic services as PCB design, quick-turn prototyping, pre-production/pilot production, beta production, box build, component procurement, in-circuit and functional testing, and burn-in calibration, together with fulfillment and deployment. Beside that additional services offered include test engineering, quality engineering, and design for manufacturing (DFM), design for testability.


LR provides a wide range of manufacturing solutions specializing in high-complexity, high-reliability, low to medium volume and high-mix contracts for air-worthy products. We offer an extensive array of manufacturing services, including through-hole assembly, PCB-to-chassis assembly, cable assemblies and full system integration.Our staff with wealthy experience can offer expertise in single or multi-layer through-hole boards, electronic or mechanical subassemblies, multi-board interconnections, and complete electro-mechanical products.Through the excellent team to help all customer getting more advantages which are different from others. We are not only common supplier but be a best partner with the optimized strategy which can get more and more competitiveness.


Material management


We maintain separate rooms for RoHS compliant and leaded inventory. Separate kit auditing areas have been established for lead-free and leaded assemblies as well.


Supply Chain Management


LR understands that there are no “one size fits all” supply chain solutions. We have sourcing agreements for commodities across the globe and will work to understand and integrate your contract requirements, preferred vendors, sourcing restrictions into a seamless program that delivers a low cost and low stress solution to support your program. We also have a large supplier-base to enable us to procure the necessary components in a very short amount of time.


We are professional electronic contract manufacturer and understand the restrictions and controls required to support your government programs. Our configuration management team understands the importance of having the correct manufacturer specified for every item on your bills of material. In addition, our enterprise management software which is our unique ERP system allows for seamless implementation of complex BOMs, customized ECO implementations and component-level traceability and lot tracking.


Fulfillment Services


LR provides flexible and customized solutions for all phases of your product life cycle including direct customer ship and repair and return depot. Our skilled technicians can quickly troubleshoot problems to the component level eliminating the need for expensive warranty replacements. In addition we will support product manufactured by others to provide a comprehensive integrated solution.


New Product Introduction


Whether you are introducing a new product and require extensive design and development or if your needs are introducing a new or existing design into manufacturing, Lih Rong has a wealth of experience and resources to ensure a smooth transition.


Our team has experience in all facets of both design and manufacturing engineering and can provide:

• Design Review 
• Design and Development 
• PCB Layout and Design 
• Mechanical Design
• Design for Manufacturability 
• Compliance Testing and Support 
• Prototype Support 
• BOM and Configuration Control Support 
• Alternate Sourcing for Price and Lead Time Reduction (with customer approval) 
• Stencil Design 
• Process Development and Improvement 
• Test Fixture and Procedure Development 
• Documentation


Turnkey Electronic Contract Manufacturing Manufacture Contract Service

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