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 Through- Hole (Dual In Package)


At Lih Rong, we believe the ability to transition between the prototype stage and increased volume requirements is extremely important. Therefore, volume-manufacturing practices are always considered during the development of a product. Lih Rong’s 28-year history gives us considerable experience enabling our support team to offer design suggestions that reduce costs, eliminate waste, and decrease overall time-to-market. Lih Rong  is capable of handling Thru-Hole service, which has three DIP lines that we can reach 250,000 units per day.


Every DIP line has been controlled for every 2 hours to ensure keep ROHS standard.


 DIP Include



¡·Solder process max PCB size 500cm x 400cm (length x width)
¡·Exclusive lead / lead-free soldering process equipment
¡·Wave solder*4, selective solder*2, hand soldering options)
¡·PCB edge conveyed wave solder option
¡·Wave solder pallet fixture design)
¡·Fixture and Jig design


Through Hole PCB Assembly Service Turnkey Electronic Contract Manufacturing

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