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Surface Mounting Technology


Lih Rong is capable of handling Surface Mount Technology (SMT), including BGA and Micro BGA devices. Our services can accommodate board lengths up to 29.52"(750mm) and board widths up to 18"(460mm). Our state of the art, 21,529 sq. feet, static-free facility also includes equipment for screen printing solder paste, pick-and-place component handling and batch washing of completed assemblies. Solder paste types include water soluble and no clean.


Our manufacturing process utilizes N² solder reflow ovens that feature profile control and adjustment, with 10 zones of temperature control and 4 active cooling zones, enabling us to manufacture densely populated SMT PCB's with fine-pitch devices on both sides of the board.


We employ an electrical and physical verification system to maintain our high standards of quality. Our inspection capabilities include manual, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-ray.


Lih Rong has three SMT lines that we can reach 3,300,000 units per day.


SMT Include


¡·Screen Printer Machine

EKRA E5 , EKRA E4 , EKRA X4 , Panasonic NM-EJP1A

¡·Solder Paste Inspector

TRI TR7006 3D, TRI TR7007 SII

¡·Auto Optical Inspection (AOI)

TRI7530DT, TRI7530DT

¡·Glue Dispenser

Panasonic NM-DC10

¡·Pick and Place Machine (High Speed)

Panasonic CM-602(*3)Panasonic NPM(2)

¡·Pick and Place Machine (Multiple)

Panasonic NPM(*3), i-Plus M20

¡·Reflow Oven, Nitrogen Capable for Lead Free 

Tamura TNP 40-578EM(*2),Tamura TNP 40-577PM,


¡·X-ray Inspector System

GE-Phoenix X-Ray Inspector

¡·BGA Repair Station



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