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Product Testing


Our advanced manufacturing processes are augmented by a complete line of testing options including ICT and Functional Test Services for virtually everything it builds;


We know how to test and troubleshoot complex analog, digital and RF products. Additionally, we can partner with local test houses to provide customized testing solutions to utilize existing tooling or approved test plans.


For new products, either designed by you, our test engineering team can develop a test strategy and plan for your product or build a fixture to your requirement.


All defects found by our technicians during the testing process are captured in a database for reporting and trend analysis. We can customize a reporting format for your program.


 Test Include


¡·Fixture Design
¡·Burn in/ Burn out
¡·Function Test
¡·ICT test 
¡·Mechnical Test
¡·Vibration Test
¡·Enviroment Test
¡·Temperature Test
¡·Electrical  Test
¡·Shock Test


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